Why should I choose a Celebrant?

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November 17, 2017

Why an Independent Celebrant?

Humanist Celebrants and Registrars do not and cannot mention anything religious…not even angels so this can narrow your song and reading choices.

Also, Registrars often have VERY tight appointment slots and this again can impact on what you can say and do at your ceremony. Registrars must complete their ceremonies in specific licensed venues, another point that narrows your ceremony choices.

Independent Celebrants, like me, can use your words and songs and listen to your choices to design your ceremony. Plus, we can go anywhere that’s happy to have your ceremony: parks, beaches, mountains, back gardens, local pubs, castles, the venue of your first date.

Essentially, we open the box of choices and that’s why you want to choose an Independent Celebrant.

Is the wedding legal?

No, but you can do the legal part at the Registry Office. It takes 2 visits, about £100 depending on your area, and 10-20 minutes.


Can I have religious elements with an Independent Celebrant?

Yes, I am happy to research and include any religious elements that you would like.


When should I book my Wedding Celebrant?

Once you have your venue booked, book your Celebrant. Dates can book up fast and once you have paid your deposit, then that date is yours.