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Moments To... Terms & Conditions

By making a booking, you enter into a contract with Sarah Nelson T/A Moments To…

The following are for ALL ceremonies booked with Sarah Nelson T/A Moments To…

A provisional booking may be held for 7 days only on a verbal or written undertaking, after which a holding deposit and completed booking form is required to secure your booking in Sarah’s booking diary. After 7 days without a deposit and completed booking form, the date will be released.

Sarah reserves the right to raise an invoice at her discretion for all time, travel and mileage plus the sharing of her professional expertise and advice which is charged at £60 per hour in the event that she has been called to a meeting or given professional advice where there is no intention to book her services.

GDPR Compliance

Information collected is used only to create the ceremony you have asked for. Sharing information is only done with your permission with people who are required for a successful ceremony.

Information is kept for a year to aid in the keeping of financial records and then shredded and disposed of carefully.


All ceremony scripts are copyrighted and owned by Sarah Nelson T/A Moments To…. Copying, distribution or circulation of scripts to parties other than Sarah's clients is not permitted and all wording remains the property of Sarah Nelson. Scripts cannot be copied or forwarded to wedding/event planners, friends or family members without permission and the penalty for infringement of copyright is £1,000 plus legal costs, where applicable.

  1. Clients are required to read, sign and return a copy of a contract which will confirm client names; ceremony type and any extras chosen; venue/location with full sat-nav address; time; full date (including day, month and year); and expected cost pending no further changes, and retain a copy for your records. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of celebrancy services.

  2. The Client agrees to supply detailed directions to the location at least 2 (two) weeks prior to the set date. Information may be provided via email or written form via the postal service

  3. Fees for the ceremony are non-negotiable.

  4. A non-refundable deposit of 50% must be paid before the ceremony date is confirmed on the Celebrant’s schedule.

  5. An invoice or reminder by email for the remaining balance will be sent and full settlement is required before a complete ceremony script is released and no later than 2 (two) weeks prior to the ceremony date. Failure to pay the ceremony amount in full when due will release the Celebrant from providing any services to the Client under this agreement.

  6. The Celebrant agrees to work with the Client by email, telephone, Skype or in person to allow the writing and delivery of a bespoke ceremony until the conclusion of the ceremony is reached.

    The Client agrees to be available to the Celebrant for whatever purpose deemed necessary for the completion of the written ceremony. The Client must respond to requests for information and failure to do this can result in withdrawal of celebrancy services and retaining of any money paid.

  7. The Client may piece together a ceremony of their liking using samples they find OR write parts of the ceremony such as vows and allow the Celebrant to write the rest of the ceremony based on information provided by the Client OR have the Celebrant write both the ceremony and any vows in consultation with the Client. Drafts of the ceremony will be provided to the Client for confirmation and clarification of details.

    However, the Celebrant retains the right to edit the ceremony for final delivery and the right to refuse to deliver any ceremony that she is not comfortable performing, at which time a refund may be made to the Client.

    The Client agrees to have the final agreed draft returned to the Celebrant no later than 2 (two) weeks prior to the ceremony.

  8. Any changes made to the written ceremony after the final draft is agreed upon MUST be in writing and agreed upon by all parties.

    The Celebrant will not be held liable if changes are made and the Celebrant was not notified of such changes.

  9. The Celebrant agrees to perform the ceremony in a professional and respectful manner, in accordance with the ceremony planned with the Client.

  10. Travel and Overnight Costs.

  11. The Celebrant is happy to travel by car up to 150 miles to deliver a ceremony. These journeys are charged at 45p/mile. Longer journeys will be booked as far in advance as possible to take advantage of cheaper fares. However, all travel costs will be payable by the client as will hotel costs if overnight stays are required. This will be confirmed during the first meeting.

  12. The Celebrant shall arrive at the ceremony location at least 30 (thirty) minutes prior to the time of the scheduled ceremony/rehearsal ceremony and stay no longer than 2 (two) hours after the ceremony.

  13. The Celebrant is prepared to dress in the manner that suits the style of the ceremony provided it allows her to present a dignified image in keeping with the character of the occasion.

  14. If the Celebrant is unable to perform the Client’s ceremony due to illness, hospitalisation, accident, transportation breakdown or other unforeseeable causes, the Celebrant will make every attempt to notify the Client and arrange for another experienced Celebrant to perform the ceremony. In such an event that no substitute is available, all monies paid by the Client to the Celebrant will be returned and the Client hereby agrees that the Celebrant will not be held liable for any losses howsoever caused due to the non-performance of the ceremony.

  15. The Celebrant gives permission to the Client to use her likeness in any photographs and videos or other recording media in any manner they wish.

  16. The Client similarly grants the Celebrant permission to use any photographs, movies, correspondence, and the ceremony itself for publicity purposes including but not limited to: publishing on websites, blog posts, advertising, and material for future ceremonies. Any objections should be given in writing to the Celebrant who will respect and adhere to such requests.

  17. This contract will guarantee the Celebrant’s availability for the Client’s ceremony date and time; thus, preventing the Celebrant from booking another ceremony at the same date and time.

  18. Any change to the agreed venue, date or time must be agreed in advance with the Celebrant and may be subject to additional fees.

  19. The Client realises and understands that the Celebrant performs other ceremonies for other Clients and excessive lateness or changes in venue, date, or time can create serious conflict in the Celebrant’s schedule. If the Client changes venue, date, or time of the scheduled ceremony without the Celebrant’s consent, the Celebrant reserves the right to cancel the performance of the ceremony and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance.

  20. If for any reason a decision is made to not use the services of the Celebrant after the retainment deposit, the Client must inform the Celebrant in writing at least 30 (thirty) days before the ceremony date to release the Celebrant from this contract. If the Client fails to provide such notice, the Client agrees to be responsible for the remaining balance of the Celebrant’s fee.

  21. If for any reason the ceremony is cancelled less than 7 (seven) days before the contract ceremony date, the Client agrees to be responsible for the Celebrant’s balance due.

  22. The Celebrant will not be held liable if changes are made and the Celebrant was not notified of such changes.

  23. The Client understands that the wedding/naming ceremony that this Celebrant performs is not legally binding and any papers or certificates signed are purely for ambience/effect and decoration.

  24. The Ceremony will start within 30 (thirty) minutes of the scheduled time or an additional charge will be incurred per each additional 15-minute increment or portion thereof past the contracted ceremony start time will be assessed (these must be paid directly to the Celebrant prior to the start of the ceremony).

    Late start fees will be charged to the Client if the ceremony is delayed for any reason, including but not limited to weather, delays caused by the actions of other vendors and/or the late arrival of guests, ceremony party members or other vendors.

  25. The Celebrant will be available for a 1 (one) hour rehearsal, if required. However, as with the actual ceremony, additional charges per each additional 15-minute increment or portion thereof past the contracted time will apply for lateness or overrun. These charges must be paid before the rehearsal is completed.

  26. The Celebrant reserves the right to leave the venue without performing the ceremony or rehearsal without liability to the Celebrant if the ceremony or rehearsal does not begin within 60 (sixty) minutes of the contracted start time.

  27. The Client accepts responsibility for purchasing items needed to perform the ceremony (unity candles, wine, plants, flowers, etc) unless previously stated.

  28. It is the responsibility of the Client to seek and gain approval from the venue for the main ceremony and all extra ceremonial needs, specifically, candle ceremonies.

  29. The Celebrant has the right to be free form physical, verbal, or sexual abuse by not just the Client, but anyone associated with the event during the planning and the event day itself. If any such abuse is not corrected after the 1st (first) warning, it will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions and the Celebrant has the right to leave without performing any further services and will not be liable for refund or expenses incurred.

  30. Neither the Celebrant or Moments To… are responsible for any accident or injury caused to anyone during the ceremony, and all elements of the ceremony are performed with full acknowledgement of this by the Client.

  31. This Terms and Conditions constitute the agreement between the parties and may not be modified except in writing and agreed by all parties. No other representatives or promises have been made except those that are set out in these Terms and Conditions. If any part of this agreement is adjudged to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.

  32. PLEASE NOTE, if signed contract and deposit are not received within 7 (seven) days of the Agreement Date, the contract will be null and void and hold placed on the date and time will be removed unless otherwise agreed with the Celebrant.

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